Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gimmie a topic!

hey guys i do not know what to blog about! i know you want to see new stuff but I've got nothing! so in the comments i want YOU hear that, YOU to give me a topic and if you do ill say in the post that it was your requested topic! also im going to probably going to make a you tube channel give me a good name and you will get a post! anyways bye!

Friday, June 20, 2014

new and improved lps (BONUS!!!!: fake Chinese lps)

Ok i know this post is really out dated but, NEW LPS THAT LOOK LIKE THE OLD ONES ARE OUT!!!!!!! all of our hard work has paid off and Hasbro has made new lps that look like our beloved old ones! there is a German Shepard,an iguana,a cat,swan, a shark and lots more including the 7 main pets from the show!!!  

now because you waited oh so patiently, i give you (drum roll please) fake Chinese lps? yes that's right! as you probably know the Chinese have made fake dachshund #675 (my granny bought one for me yesterday and i am soooo happy) but i didn't learn until yesterday night they had fake other lps! and i was all like "what if mine has the same creepy head as them no it doesn't!" oh! right i haven't explained their heads yet! well the lps in the video i saw had heads like the new lps but instead of a ball they had a triangle and their heads could come of and on just like the new lps but unlike the new lps (sorry if your confused i meant the creepy lps) these ones look like the old lps with really horrible paint jobs and gunk on them and not bobble heads! i will not put the name of the lps from eBay below because i don't know which one it is i will put the complete name of the video which will give her more viewers so here is the link to the video  the video is not me it is another girl who posted it but will be very helpful to you (sorry about no picture of fake lps i couldn't get one that would be relevant)

Sunday, July 28, 2013


hey everyone. I just got 100 views weather they are negative or not they're still views. I seriously can NOT wait till I get my first comment but I owe it to Nicole's LPS blog where I decided to create a blog be sure to check it out and give her a good comment  hope you liked my blog be prepared for new posts and be sure to comment me too!                 THANKS SO MUCH  :

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Ok, I just found my LPS lion outside on the ground eaten by my dogs! I was all like "HOLY CRAP WHO LET THE DOGS EAT MY LPS LION!!!!???" Im not a cry baby but for some reason I had to cry looking at poor Simba. Simba was in a bag with all my other LPS so I was totally frantic! but they were un-harmed  someone would have to have taken him out because the others were covered with cloth when he was in there and when he was murdered!I still have him and I determined to find out who did it! I have 3 suspects

1. my sister who probably took him out to play with him
2. my brother who was probably trying to annoy me
3. great granny cook who is now a ghost

tell me who you think it is and help me seek justice for Simba!

R.I.P  SIMBA :*(

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

lps VS mlp

you know about the Brooklyn VS savy contest well it inspired me to do lps VS mlp!!!!!! Tell me which one you like better. I will post pictures of cartoon lps and cartoon mlp tell me everything  I will chart it and stay open for results on one random day I will end both contests tell you the winner! stay updated and make sure to check out my newest blog at

Monday, April 29, 2013

Live the dream on ebay

do you know about the new LPS? they've totally possessed stores! now that the old magnets are out of existence in stores, to get them is a wild goose chase and they're too expensive. that's why you should go to E-bay instead of $6.49 for 1 simple pet shop it could be $30.00 for 30 pet shops! now that's cheap! :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Talk to me!

remember: if you have any subject you want to share, tell me I can get it on here easily! you can tell me in the comments and stay alert for new posts, pics, and comments! you may even see your own subject on here!